Installed a new Trek® patio decking for us. Solid installation that finished ahead of schedule. Very happy with our new deck.
— David
Most notable about our experience is what Chris would not do. He would not put a stone fireplace on one end of a narrow space and a stone built grill on the other. Would have doubled his profit but he explained it was all wrong for the space and he was so right. Our new covered patio is the best part of our house!
— Andrea
I can’t say enough about this company. My project managers communicated with us every step along the way. Each task started and ended exactly as planned, and after construction, a person arrived 10 minutes later and cleaned things up. Project completed well ahead of schedule. Workmanship and materials was of high quality.
— Scott
CDP build a back porch addition onto our house. It included a large roof extension, an extended patio with pavers, an outdoor kitchen and all the associated electrical and gas work. They were a joy to work with. The patio turned out great. We spend 75% of our time at home out there and couldn’t be happier with the work or the treatment we received from CDP.
— John
CDP extended our upstairs deck to make the space usable. By doing that additional shade was created on the the 1st floor patio/entertaining/dining space. Stone storage space was built and a metal staircase now connects the two areas (easy access to upstairs). In addition we had a tall stone fire pit that was 75+ years old that was never used. They built a stone seating area around it with lighting and made the space usable. We had an overall backyard remodel. We love the area and use it all the time!!
— Schoen
We hired CDP for a kitchen/ family room redesign. Having an early 80’s style square kitchen, small dinette and separate family room, CDP removed two walls and a brick wet bar which create a large open area with the kitchen on one end. They had custom upper cabinets, lower cabinet door and drawer fronts and a large kitchen island designed and installed. The engineering required to remove these load-bearing walls was impressive along with the structural engineer’s land analysis report which impressed the city inspector enough to make several positive comments. Throughout the whole process there were daily updates and photos posted on their project internet site so my wife and I could monitor the progress from any location. Communication throughout was exemplary. All messages were condutded on this same web site so there was never a question what had been said. All costs were forecast correctly and though we did make some additions during the project, the costs and payment schedule was updated daily. The final cost was as quoted in the beginning plus only the additions we wanted as the project progressed. We found CDP to be very professional in their conduct and care of our home. Most days there would be a total cleanup including sweeping and vacuuming which again impressed us. Bottom line, I will absolutely hire them again for any large home project we might undertake in the future.
— David
Gave a great proposal that showed a strong understanding of what we were looking for. Also provided several strong recommendations that we did not think. Countered a couple our original thoughts (stone color) during design and build-out with a better idea. Quality has been outstanding so far. Seemed flexible when we ran into some hurdles (drop in cooler size we wanted was not available). Used a couplesub-contractors that were also top notch (especially Dr. Sound). The crew was also able to work with the Grapevine City inspectors which does not appear to be as easy as it should be
— Mark
We hired Chris’ company to design and build an outdoor living space for us in our zero lot line back yard. From Day One their design presentation was top notch and amazingly detailed with CAD drawings and graphics. Work began on time and we were kept apprised all along the way as to progress and next steps. The clean-up done at the end of every day was impeccable. The crews were hard working, efficient, quick and extremely professional and talented. We used their suggestions for sound and landscapers. Our completed project is drop-dead gorgeous: Fireplace, added covered porch area, fire pit area, enclosed hot tub with pillars, built-in grill with ice chest and lots of beautiful pavers and stone. It’s party central here and we cant’ thank Chris, Daina, Curtis and the whole crew enough! We highly recommend CDP for your next outdoor hardscape project.
— Leeanne
We could not be more happy with the outdoor living area constructed by CDP. Chris, Daina and their team are top notch. We felt we were in good hands from the get go. From design to construction and finish the team were excellent. Always available , responsive and customer focused. Chris and Daina really understood how important this project was to us. We had been dreaming for years to have our outdoor retreat. With CDP, our dream came true.
— ipe
My husband and I demolished our pool and contacted CDP about doing some hardscaping (patio and firepit) to replace it. Chris came out to look at the job and was very personable and professional. After two weeks went by and we hadn’t received a quote, I emailed CDP to see where we were in their process and received an email back saying we would have our quote by the end of the week, Monday at the latest. 10 days later, I emailed them again and received an answer from Kelly, saying she would check on it. A phone call to Chris received no response whatsoever. I’m puzzled because I just saw an ad for them in the Home and Living magazine; if this is the way they treat their potential customers, I’m wondering why they are spending money on advertising
— Linda
“We love our new deck and outdoor cooking area that CDP did for us and we get compliments all the time from our friends that see it. CDP did an outstanding job which was very professional, customer oriented and made sure we were satisfied with the final work.”
— DHigh
“We had one requirement: to make it look as though the patio had always been there. CDP Environmental ensured our needs were met: from the shingles to the paint to the concrete work, CDP matched it perfectly. We were also happy in the end for another reason. Chris called to let us know that when everything was said and done, there was $2000 of the original bid that did not have to be used and he would be sending the refund to us. We have never heard of a company doing that before. Not only were we happy with our patio, but also with the way CDP Environmental conducted business.”
— Emillio
I highly recommend CDP for your home renovation project. From start to finish our project was handled in a very professional manner. The estimate was provided quickly, as were cost updates as we made changes during the project. We were kept aware of the timing and progress throughout, all subcontractors arrived on time, performed their work quickly and left the project area clean. We spend loads of time on our new porch and could not be happier with the results
— RJ
“After meeting with more than 10 contractors over several years, we became disillusioned with the process and couldn’t get the type of service and design we were looking for. Finally we met the team from CDP and was immediately impressed. While working with our outdoor living area, they took into account a lot of things we didn’t consider and suggested some changes that made the structure more functional. The entire project came in on-time and on budget - no better company in the business.”
— EWagley
We had the opportunity to work with CDP Enviromental on our Backyard Oasis. They were excellent to work with and listened to our needs and came up with an outstanding finished project!
— Nuzs